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Veterinary Services


Annual Examinations/Preventative Health  We feel strongly that every pet should be examined at least once a year.  Since pets age much faster than humans, an annual exam is even more important.  Every exam includes  a dental checkup to be sure your pets teeth and gums stay healthy.  As your pet grows older, we may suggest bloodwork to screen for kidney, liver and thyroid diseases.

Dental cleaning / extractions   Good dental health is important to the overall health of you pet.  Infection in the mouth  can cause pain, and can spread infection to other organs, such as the heart, liver and kidneys.  A clean and healthy mouth has been shown to add 2 to 4 years to your pets life.  We sedate your pet and clean their mouth with an ultrasonic cleaner, polish the teeth, and then apply fluoride. 

Radiographs and Ultrasound   We have an on-site X-ray machine and automatic processor that can give us results       within 15 minutes.  When an ultrasound is necessary, we call in a mobile specialist       who comes to our office. This give us the benefits of state-of-the-art equipment, as         well as consultation with an internal medicine specialist.

CCF04082009_00000.jpgPenn Hip Certification

Penn Hip is a new hip dysplasia evaluation and certification. A major advantage of the PennHip method is its proven ability to evaluate young dogs and to predict with acceptable accuracy the susceptibility to developing DJD later in life.  Its greatest strength, however, is its ability to identify those dogs with tight hips that are not at risk to develop DJD.

OFA Certification

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Mission is to improve the health and well being of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease.

General Surgery   Dr. Hagan is an experienced surgeon.  He routinely performs surgeries like spay, neuter , declaw, mastectomy, cyst and tumor removal, cystotomy, and others.  When a case requires more specialized care or equipment, such as orthopedic or neurogical surgeries, we have several facilities where we routinely refer cases.

Geriatric Pets age much faster than people do, a pet ages about 5-7 years for every human year.  This suggests health problems can progress 5-7 times faster in your pet. The average dog or cat 7-10 years of age and older qualifies as a senior.  There is a progressive decline in organ function, immunity, and physical and mental abilities as a pet ages.  While some age-related diseases may not be preventable, early detection and intervention is the key to successful management.  We recommend annual blood work, urinalysis, and fecal examination.  These tests will enable us will enable us to detect changes that may indicate a disease is present and may allow us to slow or stop its progression.

Pain Management  Pain management is essential because, even when the underlying condition is stable, uncontrolled pain prevents pets from enjoying their normal everday life.  Chronic pain may have many causes and perpetuating factors, these require a customized treatment to meet the specific needs of each pet.


 Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points on the body that have the ability to alter various biochemical and physiological conditions to achieve a desired effect. It is a means of helping the body heal itself.  Acupuncture has been used successfully   for thousands of years on humans and animals.  It is now being increasingly utilized by veterinarians, alongside western medicine.

Our payment policy: Payment is due when services are rendered. We take cash, credit card, care credit or check with valid drivers license.   A full deposit is due in the event a patient will stay in the hospital.


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Feedback from our clients

  • "We have benefited tremendously from the care my pet received from Dr. Anderson."
    John Doe / San Diego, CA
  • "Dr. Anderson has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years. We always feel questions are welcome, and Dr. Anderson spends whatever time is required to provide answers, whether we are in the office or just speaking on the telephone. Dr. Anderson always knows our pets’ special needs and personalities to provide them the best possible care."
    The Miller Family